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GasNet opened more LNG filling stations: in Mladá Boleslav and Nýřany

GasNet, the largest domestic natural gas distributor, has successfully opened for the public its first "brick-and-mortar" liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling station. It is located in Mladá Boleslav near the D10 motorway, where drivers have so far used only a mobile station. GasNet has also put another LNG filling station into operation - this time a mobile one near the D5 motorway in Nýřany in the Pilsen region. GasNet continues the rapid development of the utilisation of LNG in road freight transport.

To meet the emission targets in the freight transport sector, more rapid development of LNG is an absolutely necessary step. It is for this reason that GasNet is committed to maximising the use of LNG in domestic transport. The successful opening of a state-of-the-art stationary LNG filling station in Kosmonosy near Mladá Boleslav, close to the D10 motorway, is a crucial signal for transport companies. Together with the first mobile filling station in Klecany near Prague, which GasNet has been operating for two years, and the new station in Nýřany, GasNet now offers drivers three places where they can safely and reliably refuel with LNG.

Mladá Boleslav has a stationary station with the most advanced LNG technology

The public filling station is located in Průmyslova Street. GasNet has chosen one of the most modern technologies available to ensure that customers will always have LNG at the optimum pressure and temperature. In Mladá Boleslav, all brands using LNG, i.e., Volvo, Scania and Iveco, can be refuelled without any difficulty. The station has a double-sided dispenser, is self-serviced and available to drivers round the clock. The station has capacity to refuel up to 7 trucks per hour.

The refuelling process itself is not difficult - drivers undergo initial training where the main focus is on safety. Payment via the fuel card that GasNet distributes to its customers is also very simple. Drivers can also pay with the Eurowag card, which is also well-known to operators of conventional trucks.

"There are now 500 LNG filling stations in Europe and the number is growing. In our country, there should be at least 30 by 2030," says Filip Dostál, Head of Business Development at GasNet, adding: "Compared to diesel engines, LNG vehicles have significantly lower emissions and lower noise levels at comparable ranges. The operation of LNG vehicles is absolutely safe, and the reliability and safety of operation is our absolute priority."

GasNet has opened its third filling station in Nýřany

Since the beginning of March, the third LNG filling station operated by GasNet has been available to drivers in Nýřany near Pilsen. It is in the so-called Mexico industrial zone on the Volvo Trucks site and is easily accessible from exit 93 of the D5 motorway.

There are currently 106 registered LNG trucks operating in the country and four public filling stations. Three of these are operated by GasNet, which is planning to open several more later this year.

"We want to be as helpful as possible to those interested in switching to LNG. So far, we have trained over 300 drivers, we have been involved in testing LNG vehicles, we are working with manufacturers and, of course, with transport companies. We have gained valuable experience at our mobile stations and now we serve dozens of Czech and foreign customers at these stations. After the successful launch of the stations in Mladá Boleslav and Nýřany, we plan to open several more stations this year," says Filip Dostál.