LNG is a reliable and proven technology already used by European carriers. More than 6,000 vehicles are currently running on LNG on European roads.

LNG is suitable for both regional and international long-haul transport due to its high range and network of filling stations abroad. It can be used on different types of vehicles:

  • curtain siders
  • refrigerated trucks
  • dumping trucks
  • tank trucks
  • container trucks

We offer bioLNG

BioLNG is the only available and effective solution to reduce your transportation footprint and the associated costs of emission allowances, which are due to start in 2027. In addition, in spring 2024, toll rates will be increased by a new emissions-related component.

BioLNG can be refuelled at all GasNet filling stations.
Liquefied biomethane for trucks is a great solution not only for logistics companies, but especially for those who order their goods from them. BioLNG is a way to meet your goals for responsible business and reduce your emissions footprint not only from the production itself, but also from the distribution of your products. It is a very advanced circular economy fuel that is produced from food waste, agricultural waste or even sewage sludge.

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Our BioLNG has ISCC certification

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International logistics, postal and courier company, which was among the first to operate a fleet of LNG trucks in the Czech Republic.


Transport company with a long tradition in the Central Bohemia region with long-term contracts in the automotive industry. It operates over twenty LNG trucks.

Budějovický Budvar

One of the largest Czech breweries. The first to test the operation of LNG haulers.

A number of well-known international brands rely on economical and environmentally friendly LNG propulsion for transporting their products. These companies give preference in tenders to transport companies who can offer alternative propulsion for their vehicles (in this case, exclusively LNG) and thus contribute to reducing pollutant and CO2 emissions:

  • supermarkets - Lidl, Coop, Carrefour
  • food and beverage - Nestlé Waters, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Unilever, Ferrero, Orangina
  • furniture - IKEA, Leroy Merlin
  • delivery services - DHL, GLS, TNT
  • others - Michelin, Saint Gobain, Sanofi, Vuitton, Lyrec