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Payment for LNG

  • LNG may be purchased only by means of an authorized payment using a valid LNG fuel card issued by GasNet, s.r.o.
  • Customers receive electronic invoices free of charge in accordance with contractual terms. These invoices include an overview of the quantity of LNG purchased at GasNet stations.
  • Invoices can be paid by bank transfer.
  • If an invoice is not paid, a reminder notice will be served. In the event of default, the customer's fuel card will be blocked.

Issuing a LNG fuel card

LNG refuelling at our stations is self-service and is only permitted with a valid GasNet LNG card. You can also pay with this card.

Information for current LNG customers

If you need assistance regarding your LNG fuel card, contact us by e-mail

Requests we process:

  • Change of your LNG fuel card data (Change of contact person, telephone number, e-mail address, daily purchase limit, etc.)
  • Application for an additional LNG fuel card for your current agreement
  • Reports of lost fuel card and blocking requests. Fuel cards are blocked on working days within 24 hours after the receipt of a request to that effect.

When submitting a request, always provide your customer identification number or, at a minimum, your GasNet fuel card number. This information can be found on your bill from GasNet s.r.o.