Our filling stations

LNG is an efficient solution for transport operators, logistics companies or utilities.

We are pioneers and technological leaders of LNG filling stations for truck transport in the Czech Republic.

We operate filling stations at six sites.


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Benefits of LNG

  • LNG
    LNG is liquefied natural gas and an ideal fuel for freight transport.

    LNG-powered trucks allow companies to reduce fuel costs.

    Reduction of NO by 70% and CO2 by 20% compared to diesel. LNG is the path to meet EU emission standards in road freight transport.

    Noise reduction of up to 9 dB compared to diesel.

    You can drive up to 1,500 km on a single LNG fill-up.

We have initiated the construction and assembly of LNG stations

  • LNG - an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel for freight transport.

  • Distributing the green energy of the future.

  • The project for the construction and installation of LNG stations is co-financed by the European Union.

  • The objective is to build and operate 8 refuelling stations.

  • The recipient of the funding is GasNet, s.r.o.