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We accept DKV fuel cards


LNG truck drivers can also pay with DKV international fuel cards at our stations. We are expanding the payment options at our self-service LNG stations. In addition to DKV cards, you can also pay with the GasNet fuel card, bank payment cards and the Eurowag fuel card.


DKV Mobility, Europe's leading platform for fuel payments, and GasNet, the largest Czech gas distributor, have entered into a cooperation agreement. Operators of vehicles powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) can now use the DKV cashless payment option at all GasNet LNG stations in Kaplice, Klecany, Mladá Boleslav and Nýřany. Card payments will also be possible at the newly opened filling stations. Our stations have thus joined the wide European DKV Mobility acceptance network, which offers around 20,000 stations with alternative fuels.

"In addition to expanding our LNG infrastructure network, we are also working on improving the service experience at our filling stations. This includes the ability to use a range of payment methods. The Eurowag and DKV cards are well known to diesel truck operators and are used throughout Europe. This is good news for both domestic LNG truck drivers and foreign drivers who travel through the Czech Republic and are used to DKV or Eurowag cards," says Filip Dostál from GasNet.